Wreckers and Car Removals in Perth Western Australia

Discovering a dependable auto wrecker that provides generous payment in exchange for good condition second-hand spares may pose a challenging work. Moreover, it may also be difficult to find a company which will collect the junk auto in Perth while compensate equitable payment in exchange for it. At this website, our objective will assist you with both of buying and disposing of, offering you the help required to ease the procedure.

TOP 10 Car Wreckers in Perth WA

  1. 1
    Bayswater Motor Wreckers

    Bayswater Motor Wreckers

    66 Clavering Rd, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 3.6 (91)

    This popular car wrecker located in the surrounding area of Bayswater, Western Australia, is an excellent spot to get used pieces that come with a guarantee, which can help you save a substantial sum of dollars on your car repairs. Additional info: The Bayswater Motor Wreckers is open from Monday to Saturday.

  2. 2
    Wright Auto Wrecker

    Wright Auto Wrecker

    34/36 Bassendean Rd, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.1 (66)

    Residing in Bayswater, Western Australia, you can save considerable sums of dollars on your vehicle repairs by buying pre-owned parts from this renowned vehicle wrecker. They work from Monday to Saturday. Also, you can read 66 thoughts left by our visitors.

  3. 3
    Hyundai Plus Auto Wreckers

    Hyundai Plus Auto Wreckers

    11/1 Duffy St, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.3 (82)

    This dedicated business in this town in Western Australia, is happy to provide superior car parts to their local customers. Contact them for a price estimate on your previously owned automobile or to inquire about a particular second-hand component, by using this contact method: phone.

  4. 4
    Perth Scrap Car Removals

    Perth Scrap Car Removals

    6 Cossom Pl, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 5 (2)

    Inhabitants of Bayswater (Western Australia) have access to an wide range of second-hand auto spares at this vehicle wrecker. Reaching out to them is simple as you can easily take profit from this way(s) of contact: phone or website. Additional information: They work from Monday to Sunday. This vehicle wrecker has been...

  5. 5
    Sport Auto Wreckers

    Sport Auto Wreckers

    4 Durham Rd, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 3 (21)

    Save on your car repair expenses by purchasing warrantied used spare parts from this well-known vehicle wrecker in the Bayswater area in the state of Western Australia. The Sport Auto Wreckers is open from Monday to Saturday. This vehicle wrecker has been voted 21 times by previous users.

  6. 6
    Perth CT Towing Services

    Perth CT Towing Services

    211 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000

    Towing serviceOpen now 5 (224)

    Minimize your vehicle repair costs by getting second-hand replacement parts with a warranty from this popular wrecker in Perth, Western Australia. They work from Monday to Sunday.

  7. 7
    Perth Towing

    Perth Towing

    7/240 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000

    Towing serviceOpen now 5 (24)

    The Perth (Western Australia) community have access to an broad variety of second-hand vehicle parts at this automobile wrecker. Contacting them is effortless through: website. Additional info: They work from Monday to Sunday. Other customers have shared 24 thoughts in relation to this wrecker.

  8. 8
    Vee Dub Centre

    Vee Dub Centre

    24 McDonald St, Osborne Park WA 6017

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.3 (24)

    This specialized business in this town in Western Australia, is proud to offer superior car parts to their loyal purchasers. Get in touch with them for a price estimate on your old automobile or to inquire about a particular used part, by going through this contact method: email, phone and website.

  9. 9


    2 Durham Rd, Bayswater WA 6053

    Car wreckerClosed now 2.6 (30)

    Inhabitants of Bayswater (Western Australia) are provided with access to a vast selection of pre-owned car parts from this wrecker. Getting in touch with them is easy, as you can reach out to them taking profit from this method(s): phone. Additional information: The Hondwest is open from Monday to Saturday.

  10. 10
    Barbagallo Parts Department

    Barbagallo Parts Department

    46 Frobisher St, Osborne Park WA 6017

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.4 (32)

    For quality auto parts in this town in Western Australia, wrecker has got you covered. Get in touch to them through: phone to inquire about a price estimate on your used vehicle or to request a specific second hand piece.

Frequently Asked Questions about car wrecker services in Perth

In need of a prompt tow truck assistance, what should one call?
In a rush? Our most popular phone number options are sure to meet your needs: Perth CT Towing Services: 0408 555 477.
Want to find businesses selling used spare parts in Perth?
There are countless varied companies within the surrounding area of this urban center where you can buy excellent second-hand car parts. Here, we will highlight a famous option which offers the finest assurances: Vee Dub Centre.
Which types of vehicle wrecker businesses can I find in Perth?
Located in this location, you can find numerous types of wrecker services which you can select from. Some of the most popular ones are: auto wrecker, towing service, auto parts store and motorcycle parts store.
Remember that not each auto wreckers offer each of these services. It is recommended to contact with the particular wrecker in order to determine which ones facilities they offer.

I'm curious, when was the information about this last modified?
The date of the latest update for this business listing is: 6 April 2023.
What type of vehicle can I offer to a scrapyard?
You can sell any kind of motor vehicles at a wrecker, such as cars, pickups, vans, sport utility vehicles, and perhaps motorbikes. This does not matter if the vehicle is actually functioning or not, or whether it's got already been ruined in an accident. These businesses will often buy vehicles in any any state, and either will salvage them for spare parts or scrap them for metal. Nevertheless, it's usually a good idea for you to get in touch with the wrecker first in order to verify that they will take your vehicle you have and to get a cost estimate.
Are Perth wreckers willing to purchase pre-owned vehicles?
Yes, as with many other Australian wreckers, they buy junk vehicles. These businesses are usually keen in acquiring automobiles that are no more roadworthy or needing extensive repairs, as they can salvage useful spares and recycled metal from them.
If you decide to sell your used car to a wrecker, you'll usually be offered an amount depending on its state, the demand for its components, and what scrap metal is currently worth. While the amount you get could be less than what you would get from selling your car to a private buyer, selling it to one of these companies can be a convenient as well as hassle-free way to dispose of a vehicle which is not serving your requirements.
It's important to note that Australian, wreckers may operate under diverse rules and requirements when it comes to purchasing pre-owned cars. As such, it's advised that you conduct some research and compare prices to discover a business that meets your needs and offers equitable prices.
Where will I receive when I dispose of my automobile to an auto wrecker in Perth?
When you choose to get rid of your car to a vehicle dismantler in Perth, the business will assess its worth before making an offer. If you accept the proposition, you must deliver information about the vehicle and sign over the title to the wrecker. After the necessary paperwork is completed, the recycler will make arrangements to have the car transported to their yard. Based on its state, they may either sell it as is or take it apart for parts. In either case, you'll receive payment for the car, while the wrecker deals with getting rid of any leftover components or scrap metal.
What auto wreckers are operating on Saturdays within Perth?
After an extensive examination of our businesses repository, we have obtained this result: Bayswater Motor Wreckers open from 8AM to 3PM, Wright Auto Wrecker open from 8AM to 3PM and Hyundai Plus Auto Wreckers open from 9 AM to 1 PM.