Wreckers and Car Removals in Wollongong New South Wales

Looking for a reliable provider of automotive spare parts that delivers good prices for top-notch pre-owned pieces may be an arduous job. Additionally, it might be hard to locate a wrecker which not just disposes a inoperable vehicle in Wollongong, but additionally offers fair remuneration in exchange for it. Fortunately, this page is here to assist you with obtaining and selling, supplying the required assistance to ensure the entire transaction is less difficult. Our team is committed to ensuring your simpler while ensuring which you obtain the available assistance to meet all your vehicle requirements.

TOP 10 Car Wreckers in Wollongong NSW

  1. 1
    Austick Car Removal Wollongong

    Austick Car Removal Wollongong

    281 Princes Hwy, Kembla Grange NSW 2526

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.8 (32)

    If you're seeking to cut down on your vehicle repair expenses, contemplate buying guaranteed used spare parts from this renowned vehicle wrecker situated in the vicinity of Kembla Grange, in New South Wales. More info: They work from Monday to Saturday. Additionally, you can check 32 reviews left by our visitors.

  2. 2


    2 Hamilton St, Dapto NSW 2530

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.2 (73) 7 miles

    For superior car parts in this town in New South Wales, this business has got you covered. Reach out to them via: website, email or phone to request about a quote on your previously owned vehicle or to inquire about a particular second-hand component.

  3. 3
    Wollongong Auto Parts

    Wollongong Auto Parts

    3/75 Princes Hwy, Albion Park Rail NSW 2527

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.6 (91) 11 miles

    Inhabitants of Albion Park Rail (New South Wales) have access to an vast selection of used auto spares at this automobile wrecker. Getting in touch with them is simple as you can take profit from this way(s) of contact: website or phone. The Wollongong Auto Parts is open Monday to Friday. Other visitors have shared 91...

  4. 4
    HG Auto Salvage

    HG Auto Salvage

    117 Industrial Rd, Oak Flats NSW 2529

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.8 (22) 11 miles

    Residing in the Oak Flats (New South Wales) neighborhood, this auto breaker's yard provides a vast selection of pre-owned vehicle parts. They can be easily reached by: phone or website. The HG Auto Salvage is open from Monday to Friday. Also, you may check 22 reviews left by other users.

  5. 5


    89/91 Campbell St, Wollongong NSW 2500

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.2 (161)

    Inhabitants of Wollongong (New South Wales) neighborhood can check a wide variety of used auto spares at this wrecker. Easily contact them through: website or phone. The Repco is open from Monday to Sunday. This vehicle wrecker has been rated 161 times by other purchasers.

  6. 6


    216 Corrimal St, Wollongong NSW 2500

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.6 (68)

    This well-known wrecker located in the surrounding area of Wollongong, New South Wales, is an superb location to get pre-owned replacement parts that come with a guarantee, which can help you save a considerable amount of money on your car repairs. Additional information: They're open from Monday to Saturday.

  7. 7
    Supercheap Auto Fairy Meadow

    Supercheap Auto Fairy Meadow

    135-143 Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.3 (593)

    For top-quality vehicle pieces in Fairy Meadow, wrecker has got you covered. Get in touch to them via: phone and website to request about a quote on your previously owned car or to request a specific second hand piece.

  8. 8
    Payne's Auto Parts

    Payne's Auto Parts

    35 Central Rd, Unanderra NSW 2526

    Auto parts storeClosed now 5 (2)

    This car wrecker yard in the vicinity of Unanderra (New South Wales) provides warrantied second-hand replacement parts that can significantly reduce your vehicle repair costs. Contact them through: phone. More information: The Payne's Auto Parts is open Monday to Sunday. Other visitors have shared 2 opinions in relation...

  9. 9
    Dapto Pick A Part

    Dapto Pick A Part

    Hamilton St, Dapto NSW 2530

    Used auto parts storeClosed now 4.3 (203) 7 miles

    Living in the Dapto (New South Wales) area, you have access to a broad range of pre-owned auto parts at this scrap yard. Contacting them is easy, you can use this way(s) of contact: website or phone. Additional info: They work from Monday to Saturday.

  10. 10
    Wollongong Auto Supplies

    Wollongong Auto Supplies

    100 Kenny St, Wollongong NSW 2500

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.8 (50)

    If you live in Wollongong, New South Wales, you can save significant amounts of dollars on your car repairs by getting second-hand parts from this well-known automobile wrecker. Additional information: The Wollongong Auto Supplies is open Monday to Saturday. Other users have left 50 reviews about this wrecker.

Frequently Asked Questions about vehicle wrecker services in Wollongong

Where can you find used spare parts in Wollongong?
There are countless diverse businesses in the vicinity around this metropolis in which you'll be able to purchase great second-hand auto pieces. Here, we will feature a famous option which provides the finest warranties: Repco.
Which types of auto wrecker services can I locate near Wollongong?
In this city, you can find various types of wrecker services which are available to pick from. A few of the most frequently used ones include: auto wrecker, auto parts store, towing service, truck accessories store, car repair and maintenance service, truck repair shop, truck parts supplier and motorcycle repair shop.
Note that not all auto wreckers offer every one of these services. It can be advised to confirm with the individual wrecker in order to find out what options they offer.

Are Wollongong wreckers interested in junk vehicles?
Yes, similar to many other Australian wreckers, they buy used autos. These recyclers are often interested in acquiring trucks that are no more roadworthy or needing significant repairs, as they can retrieve useful spares and scrap metal from them.
If you decide to sell your used car to a wrecker, you can expect to receive an amount determined by its condition, the demand for its pieces, and the current market price for scrap metal. Although the amount you get may be lower than a private buyer would offer, selling it to one of these businesses is often a easy as well as stress-free method to dispose of a vehicle which is not serving your requirements.
Bear in mind that in Australia, wreckers may have different rules and standards when it comes to buying used vehicles. As such, it's suggested that you look into it and explore your options to find a company that suits your requirements and provides fair valuations.
Why will I get if I trade in my vehicle to an auto wrecker in Wollongong?
When you decide to sell your auto to a vehicle dismantler in Wollongong, they will evaluate its worth prior to making you an offer. To accept the proposition, you'll have to provide information about the car and transfer the ownership to the wrecker. After the required documentation is finished, the recycler will arrange to get the vehicle towed to their yard. Based on its state, they will either sell it as is or take it apart for spare parts. Regardless, you will receive compensation for the car, while the wrecker takes care of getting rid of any remaining parts or metal scraps.
Which type of vehicle can I offer to a scrapyard?
You can dispose of any kind of motor vehicles to a wrecker, including cars, lorries, vans, SUVs, and even motorbikes. It doesn't make any difference whether the vehicle is actually running or even not really, or if it has already been damaged in an accident. These businesses usually buy autos in every state, and either will salvage them for replacement pieces or scrap them for metal. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to get in touch with the junkyard first in order to verify they will take your auto that you own and to obtain a cost estimate.
Can you tell me the information about this lastly revised?
The update date for this business listing is: 6 April 2023.
Which auto wreckers are available on Saturdays in Wollongong?
Following an extensive analysis of our enterprises diretory, we have obtained this finding: Austick Car Removal Wollongong open from 9 AM to 3 PM.
According to customer reviews, which one is considered the top local wrecker in Wollongong?
Based on the website's visitors and their ratings, the wrecker in the region of this city is revealed to be: Austick Car Removal Wollongong.