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    Damaged but repairable and repair costs do not exceed its own value.

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    Irreparable or repair costs exceed its own value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no specific waste carrier's license here in Australia. However, some states and territories may have their own regulations and licensing requirements for businesses involved in the transportation and disposal of metals. It is best to check with the local government or environmental agency for more information on the specific requirements in your location.

Here in Australia, if you have paid your road tax (also known as registration or CTP insurance) in advance and no longer need the registration, you may be eligible for a refund for the unused portion. However, the eligibility criteria and refund amount may vary depending on the state or territory in which you are registered. It is recommended to contact the relevant transport authority or visit their site for additional information.

Yes, a vehicle that was not registered in Australia can still be scrapped. However, the process may be more complicated as the vehicle may not have a unique identification number or registration details. It's recommended to contact a licensed and reputable auto wrecker to inquire about their specific requirements and procedures for scrapping an unregistered car or motorbike.

If your insurance provider requests a Certificate of Destruction, you should contact the wrecker where you sold your vehicle to obtain the document. The Certificate of Destruction (COD) confirms that your automobile has been properly disposed of, and you can use it to provide proof to your insurance company. It is important to keep this certificate for your records, as it may be required in the future to prove that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle.

Yes, there are certain documents that are required when taking a vehicle to a wrecker in Australia. You will need to provide some proof of ownership, such as the vehicle registration certificate or the certificate of disposal. You may also be required to provide a photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Additionally, some yards may require you to fill out a declaration of disposal form or provide a statutory declaration that the vehicle is not stolen. It is always a good idea to check with the business beforehand to see what documentation is required.

The prices of scrap metal and auto parts fluctuate based on the current market rates, so there is no set price per ton. To get the best price for your vehicle, we suggest contacting vehicle wreckers in your vicinity and inquiring about their current metal prices. You can compare prices from different yards to determine where you can get the most value for your junk automobile.