Wreckers & Car Removals in Clayton South Victoria

Looking for a trustworthy dealer of vehicle components who offers fair prices in exchange for top-notch pre-owned spares can be a challenging task. Furthermore, it can be hard to locate a wrecker that not just removes your inoperable car near Clayton South, but also offers reasonable remuneration for it. Thankfully, this page is here to help you with purchasing and disposing of, providing the required help to make the whole procedure is less difficult. We are committed to ensuring your easier and making sure which you obtain the available support for all your car needs.

TOP 10 Clayton South's Auto Wreckers

  1. 1
    SubaBits Pty Ltd

    SubaBits Pty Ltd

    6-8 Graham Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Car wreckerOpen now 4.6 (117)

    Residents of Clayton South (Victoria) check an enormous collection of used auto parts at this wrecker. Reaching out to them is simple as you can easily take profit from this way(s) of contact: website or phone. They're open from Monday to Friday. This wrecker has been rated 117 times by other users.

  2. 2
    B&H Wreckers Pty LTD

    B&H Wreckers Pty LTD

    7-11 Whiteside Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Car wreckerClosed now 4.4 (8)

    Minimize on your vehicle repair costs by purchasing warrantied used pieces from this famous car wrecker in the Clayton South area in the state of Victoria. They work from Monday to Friday. This wrecker has been rated 8 times by previous users.

  3. 3
    OLD Holden Wreckers 1948-1988

    OLD Holden Wreckers 1948-1988

    1/8 Westall Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

    Car wreckerOpen now 4.4 (34)

    Clayton (Victoria) residents have the opportunity to access an extensive catalog of pre-owned auto parts at this car wrecker. To contact them, simply use this method(s): phone and website. They work from Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can check 34 reviews left by our visitors.

  4. 4
    Global Scrap Metal

    Global Scrap Metal

    644-652 Clayton Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Car wreckerOpen now 3.3 (15)

    The Clayton South (Victoria) residents have access to an wide variety of second-hand car spares at this vehicle wrecker. Contacting them is easy through: phone, email or website. They are open Monday to Saturday. This vehicle wrecker has been voted 15 times by other users.

  5. 5
    Neon Marine & Outboard & Sterndrive Wreckers

    Neon Marine & Outboard & Sterndrive Wreckers

    125 Westall Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Car wreckerOpen now 4.1 (7)

    Residing in the Clayton South (Victoria) area, this auto salvage yard provides a wide range of pre-owned auto parts. You can easily reach out to them via: phone. More info: They work from Monday to Friday. This vehicle wrecker has been rated 7 times by our purchasers.

  6. 6


    492 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

    Car wreckerClosed now

    This specialized business in this town in Victoria, is happy to deliver superior vehicle components to their nearby visitors. Get in touch with them for a price estimate on your used automobile or to inquire about a particular second-hand component, by going through this contact method: phone.

  7. 7


    492 Clayton Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Auto parts storeOpen now 4.7 (111)

    Offering exceptional auto parts to the people of Clayton South, this business is dedicated to offering their visitors with the finest service. To get a price estimate for your previously owned car or ask about a specific second-hand component, get in touch with them via: phone, email or website.

  8. 8


    7-11 Whiteside Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Auto parts storeOpen now 3.8 (23)

    You can economize substantial sums on the repairs of your loved automobile by acquiring used pieces with guarantee in this renowned in Clayton South, (Victoria) auto wrecker. They work from Monday to Friday. This business has been voted 23 times by our visitors.

  9. 9


    Factory 166/266 Osborne Ave, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Auto parts storeOpen now 3.9 (11)

    Locals of Clayton South (Victoria) have the opportunity to explore an extensive catalog of second-hand car parts at this car wrecker. If you need to request a quote for your used vehicle or a specific pre-owned part, you can reach out to them via: website and phone. Additional info: The GripX is open from Monday to Saturday...

  10. 10
    Blingwork Automotive Lighting

    Blingwork Automotive Lighting

    2/28 Audsley St, Clayton South VIC 3169

    Auto parts storeClosed now 4.9 (250)

    Clayton South (Victoria) inhabitants can access a wide range of second-hand auto parts from this vehicle wrecker. To reach out to them, just use this way(s): email, phone and website. The Blingwork Automotive Lighting is open from Monday to Saturday. This vehicle wrecker has been rated 250 times by our visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions about car wrecker services in Clayton South

Could you inform me, when was the details for this recently modified?
The update for this business listing was last made on: 6 April 2023.
How authentic is this information?
One possible way to define a trustworthy or credible source is to consider relevant context where it is used. Usually, an expert in the appropriate subject field will validate a source as reliable or reliable if it has been used in a specific purpose. However, since this can differ depending on the situation, it becomes essential to use a suitable method assessment methodology that fits one's specific requirements. Constantly, keep in mind that the idea of credibility depends on the specific situation in which it is applied.
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Moreover, our group of professionals performs a manual assessment of each update made to our directory. We also compare it with the original source to verify that the information we present is correct and reliable.

What auto wreckers are open on Saturdays located in Clayton South?
Following an comprehensive analysis of our companies diretory, we have gathered this result: Global Scrap Metal open from 8AM to 1PM.
Can I receive installation support from the car wrecker for the parts I purchase from them?
Certainly, it's doable to obtain help from the auto wrecker in placing the parts you buy from them. However, you may require to check with them ahead of time to verify if they have installation services or if they can advise a trusted mechanic or garage for the fitting. Some car wreckers could provide installation services for an additional cost, while others may not have the resources or skills to offer this service. It's always best to confirm this prior to making a purchase to avoid any misunderstanding or frustration.
According to reviews, what is considered the top local wrecker in Clayton South?
Based on our website's visitors and their ratings, the best wrecker within the region of this city has been revealed to be: SubaBits Pty Ltd.
Wondering where to buy used spare parts in Clayton South?
There are numerous different enterprises within the neighboring region of this metropolis that it is possible to purchase excellent second-hand car parts. Here, we shall highlight a famous option that gives the best assurances: Allmaz.
Which types of vehicle wrecker services can I find in Clayton South?
Within this city, you'll discover numerous types of wrecker services which you can pick from. Some of the most common ones are: auto wrecker and auto parts store.
Remember that not all auto wreckers supply every one of these services. It can be advised to contact with the particular wrecker to find out which options they present.

Are Clayton South wreckers interested in used vehicles?
Yes, like many other Australian wreckers, they acquire used vehicles. These auto wreckers are usually enthusiastic in acquiring trucks that are not roadworthy or needing significant fixes, as they can salvage worthy pieces and recycled metal from them.
If you decide to sell your second-hand automobile to a wrecker, you can expect to receive an amount depending on its state, the demand for its parts, and what scrap metal is currently worth. Although the total you get may be lower than what you would get from selling your car to a private buyer, selling it to one of these businesses is often a easy and stress-free method to discard a vehicle that is not serving your requirements.
It's important to note that in Australia, wreckers may have diverse guidelines and standards when it comes to buying pre-owned vehicles. As such, it's advised that you do some investigation and compare prices to find a business that suits your requirements and provides reasonable valuations.